Book Review, Part 2, Peter M. McGinnis: Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

The book „Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise” of Peter M. McGinnis gives an extensive overview on the topic biomechanics, but I have mixed feelings about this book. One the one hand side, its structure is very good. Each chapter starts with an introduction to the specific subject, an explanatory part followed by self-experiments and many exercises. Basically, this is perfect. Now the drawbacks: Even though the explanations on the formulas are very good, a reader without a technical background will certainly have problems following along. This book is not meant to be an easy read. After all, it’s a specialist book. But, this point is overwhelmed by the usage of technical terms. Each muscle is perfectly named in Latin. This definitely narrows the number of potential readers, since there is no index or other additional help.

In summary, I cannot recommend this book to the average reader. If you have a technical background and the patience to look for the anatomical terms, you will have a good read. Someone with a medical background has a plus on the anatomical terms, but the sheer number of technical terms might even leave him puzzled.

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