Examples to get you started, Part I

Martial arts have a strong attraction through a variety of performances in movies and literature. Some of the performance seems superhuman. Following , a few examples for an introduction. In the first example, an approach is explained in a fight. This is discussed extensively in the text as a whole in dealing with forces and the bypassing of the same. The second example is a short film clip. None of the examples can be discussed without sufficient background here. It serves more as an introduction.

Alan Watts [1] writes the following.

Quote (English translation by author):

“[the, author’s note] approach […] may be explained using the metaphor of a wooden rod that rotates around it´s center of gravity. If you hit it with a blow on the left or right of the center, it swings away, and the only way to throw it off balance, is that you hit it exactly in the center. Now, however, one should imagine that the rod itself can move at will and thus is able to move it´s center away from the oncoming force. “

In the following text is a discussion about how the opposing forces should be neutralized with this approach. This text itself is seemingly easy to understand but those who take the time and try to implement the things will soon face their limits. As symbolic as this example seems to be, there is a big gap between the symbol and the implementation in battle. The first question, from a scientific perspective, might evolve around the problem of how one should always know the direction of the oncoming force in order to avoid it. You must deal with this kind of questions if you want to judge performance.

The second example comes from the movie After the Rain [2].

After the rain, scene Bokken

The apparent ease of evasion shown in this section is subject to hard constraints. It is questionable, whether or not these constraints can be satisfied in a real setting. This part will be used later as an example for different approaches.

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