Welcome! …

… bring along a bit of curiosity and you will surely profit from the views presented here.

This blog revolves around the combination of martial arts and motor control; a combination that is certainly not mundane. I simply ask you to take a small leap of faith. Just invest some of your time, and I will try to expand your martial arts horizons.

I admit that the blog is still fragmentary. Time limitations only allow me to advance at a slow pace. Depending on the time available, I will present new aspects or expound previous articles. Furthermore, this method of conveying knowledge is also new to me. It takes time to get used to doing it this way.

I hope that I can adequately portray the strategies and tools sufficiently to enable you to integrate these things into your daily training. Most of these things are well known; but it surely takes time and effort to come to grips with martial arts. But, you can save time by proceeding in an organized manner. After a while, you gain routine and your efforts are rewarded with newly acquired views.

I have divided the blog into two large sections. The first big section is the general blog. In this section, I present the individual subjects with many details. If you have only recently begun reading the blogs, then I recommend going back and beginning with the first articles and reading them through in order (Sorting: ascending).

The second big section serves to present articles outside of the blog. In this section, I present the subjects more in general and with fewer examples and concentrate on backgrounds and methods. After some time, these subjects, along with many details and examples, are transferred to the general blog. In the long-term view, I can provide this second part only in German, while the blog will be administered bilingually. I recognize that I thus exclude many possible readers, but my available time leaves me no other choice. I am currently concentrating more on the second section. I will still publish articles for the general blog, but no longer one article per week.

If you still have questions, perhaps the article F.A.Q. may help you. Otherwise, feel free to start at the beginning by reading the first article.

The post was published 28. November 2014 related to the category Miscellaneous.